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The Audi Car Leasing Experience You Deserve

The Audi has carved an undeniable path for itself throughout the luxury automotive landscape. A make synonymous with precision and superior engineering, it’s little wonder why it’s become one of the most preferred brands in the industry. NY Car Leasing is ready to help Audi veterans and newcomers alike experience the full power of this brand through our used and new Audi leasing deals. We are committed to helping our friends and neighbors in New York drive their lower-mileage Audis for the lowest possible price. Offering a fair and convenient application process, an extensive selection and the area’s best Audi leasing deals, we are the preferred Audi lease resource in NYC. Call NY Car Leasing today at 929-232-2227.

The Largest Selection of Audis in NYC

At NY Car Leasing, we believe that each and every one of our customers deserves to drive a safe, clean, sporty and comfortable vehicle. To that end, we offer the latest models on pre-owned vehicles, whether you’re looking for an Audi or any other make or model. Our extensive and comprehensive online inventory features the latest Audi models, including:

  • A3 Convertible
  • A3 Diesel
  • A3 Hatchback
  • A3 Sedan
  • A4 Sedan
  • A5 Convertible
  • A5 Coupe
  • A6 Diesel
  • A6 Sedan
  • A7 Diesel
  • A7 Sedan
  • A8 Diesel
  • A8 Sedan
  • All-Road Wagon
  • Q1 SUV
  • Q3 SUV
  • Q5 Diesel
  • Q5 Hybrid
  • Q5 SUV
  • Q7 e-tron SUV
  • Q7 Diesel
  • Q7 SUV
  • R8 Convertible
  • R8 Coupe
  • RS 5 Convertible
  • RS 5 Coupe
  • RS 7 Sedan
  • S3 Sedan
  • S4 Sedan
  • S5 Convertible
  • S5 Coupe
  • S6 Sedan
  • S7 Sedan
  • S8 Sedan
  • SQ5 SUV
  • TT Convertible
  • TT Coupe
  • TTS Convertible
  • TTS Coupe

NY Car Leasing allows you to drive the latest makes and models on regular basis. There’s no reason why you should have to settle for a car you don’t want. We frequently offer new Audi deals.

Lease Your Audi with No Worries

NY Car Leasing offers friendly and helpful consultation services regarding how to exit your current lease with minimal financial penalty so you can start driving the car you want today. Many lessees drive around cars they don’t want or that no longer work for them because they don’t think they can get out of their current lease. Our experienced and qualified professionals will review your current lease agreement and offer the best option of early termination. We also offer an easy and hassle-free application process and approve up to 90 percent of our applicants. Lease the Audi you want today.

The Best New Audi Leasing Deals

Getting a new car is supposed to be fun, yet thousands of lessees come to dread the process because of the logistics involved. NY Car Leasing offers everything our customers need and deserve when it comes time to lease their next vehicle, from the largest selection to easy and convenient online shopping to free delivery to their home or office. We also offer a convenient and quick application process for customers looking to get into their new vehicle the same day. Our professionals will even help you explore options for early lease termination if your current vehicle is no longer working for you. Call our experienced and qualified team today at 929-232-2227.